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Thread: seat upgrade recommendations?

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    I ride a Corbin, it's leather, heated high and low settings for the driver and passenger. My ass is happy because its not getting super sweaty on the hot days and on the cold days its very warm. Note, there is no backrest for the driver. passenger backrest was modified for my wife as the corbin was slightly taller than the oem seat.
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    I have been extremely pleased with my Hartco velour seat. Super comfortable, monkey butt is a forgotten memory.
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    thanks for the clarification. looks great.

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    Here is my F6B trike with the dual RDL saddle custom made for me and the wife. We had to send a photo with both of us sitting on the trike. I purchased a used stock saddle and sent it to Russell so I could keep riding while the seat was being produced. Really nice to have a happy wife along.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dfinkelsteinmd View Post
    Although I never went the RDL route (short inseam and no 500 mile days), I did try Mustang, Corbin and Saddleman, which was my favorite until I traded my bike for the K1600b. In the meantime, Lui Moto built me a beautiful seat in blk/gry Alcantara with carbon accents that has their custom gold gel padding—looks and feels great but I no longer have an F6B so it is still a virgin sitting in my garage if anyone wants it for $200 plus shipping. The seat is built on the OEM Pan so fitment is perfect.

    Others have suggested going to a rally and sitting on other bikes, which is how I found my Saddleman and loved it.

    Good luck and happy trails!
    Do you have any pics of the seat? interested

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    Good morning from 70 or so miles to the west. Never road in the stock seat, ordered a Mustang before the riding season started and have about 30,000 miles on it. everybuddy's butt handles the ride differently and mine is happy w/the Mustang and I like the way it sits you down a little lower in the bike.
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    Great thread.

    I have been thinking about upgrading the stock seat myself. I find it to be the best stock seat of any motorcycle I have owned, able to go 1-1.5 hours initially, then 30-45 minute after the first break. That being said, I think there is a lot of room for improvement.

    I tried an Ultimate on my VStar 1100; it was literally painful to ride after about 20 minutes, to the point I almost called my wife to come with the trailer to pick me up, 30 miles from home. I don't blame Ultimate - they refunded my money and the seat was as described - just did not work for me as I kept sinking lower and lower in the seat. I felt like sitting in a rubber playground swing, sideways. I know that I do not like soft seats.

    That is why I am hesitate to buy any seat that sits the rider lower, or "in" the bike; I do not like that. I do like sitting high on the bike; not like an antenna, but sitting up high makes me feel more in control.

    My Subaru Forester has a leather, power driver's seat. I keep the front of the cushion tilted up and the backrest pretty upright with the power lumbar inflated. It is perfect for my butt. I have noticed that any car seat that allows me to tilt the front of the cushion up under my thighs makes me feel very comfortable. I am guessing it takes pressure off my wide, flat butt by spreading the support around a greater area.

    Therefore, any aftermarket bike seat needs to provide a seating area that provides a wide area of support, not just my cheeks.

    My dealer has an F6B trade in with a Corbin seat. I sat on it, and I liked how it enveloped my booty and seemed to provide some sort of thigh support, even though it does not look like it does. It is definitely more firm than the stock. I need to go back and sit on it again because I am tempted to trade him my stock seat plus some cash for the Corbin. I am just afraid to do this because of my experience with the Ultimate and I am not sure how that Corbin will feel after two hours.
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    The Mustng Fastback Tripper is a huge improvement over the OEM. I like sitting a little lower & it fits me well at 6', 32" inseam & 270lbs. I think I'll try the RDL next since I hear such good things about it. I also use the beads when it's real hot & an Air Cushion on long rides. Alternate them as needed. Sure ready for all this rain to quit.

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    Hey DFinkelsteinmd,

    Do you have any pics? If so, please post or PM me.


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