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    Man all of you guys are correct,was at a bike night guy is looking at somebody else f6b he tells me ,don't that look like a weird shark.I had to set him straight bout what a great bike they are..Then I had a Harley guy describing my bike to someone as the motorcycle with a bunch of letters and numbers. We do have a unique bike no one understands and I love the mystique

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    On a little different note.. a couple years ago was at Iron Pony here in Ohio on a Saturday morning with the rims from my VFR in one of their shopping carts, I was standing in line with about ten people also waiting to drop off wheels to get new tires. The guy in front of me looks down at my rims and says ď gotcha a BMW huh..Ē I tell him , no is a Honda.
    His eyebrows turn down and he looks at me in disbelief and says ď when did Honda start doing the single sided swingarm thing ? ď I told him, itís been a while now.... , he says ď Iíve never trusted that setup..

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    I ride with a few guys that have the big Harleys.Invariably someone will walk over check the bikes out and stop at my F6.Conversation starts and generally includes the 'what is that' question goes on to how beautiful or unique or some other compliment the bike is.Often they ignore the HDs parked beside it. I just thank them for the compliment and try not to gloat over the nice things said and the attention I get..all good !

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    Quote Originally Posted by VStarRider View Post
    I have been a motorcyclist for only 8 years (I am 42 y/o). However, my father has ridden for decades so I have been around bikes (not BMX) since I came out of the womb.

    Coming to the game late, I brought a mature mind and astute observation (my wife is laughing over my shoulder) into riding motorcycles. Here are some random observations:

    1. To non-riders, unless it is a crotch rocket or a BMW, it is a Harley.

    2. Many are stunned that a bike as big as the F6B is even rideable. They don't believe me when I tell them it is the easiest motorcycle to ride that I have ever been on.

    3. People are shocked to see the tech on my 2013 F6B, even though it dates back to the late 90s in terms of its innovation. I assume they are referring to all of the buttons on the fairing.

    4. "I would never ride a motorcycle. Its not that I am worried about myself, it is the other drivers that scare me." -most common quote

    5. Are you cold riding that thing? (this is on a 50 F day)
    Amen... I more commonly get "Id get a bike but, (I'm such a bad ass or I'm so ballsy) Id kill myself. I don't know whether to applaud their decision or tell them they're an idiot lol.
    2015 Blue F6B Deluxe, Mods: Bagger shield, Heli Bars, Garmin ZUMO, Beverage Butler, LED HIs/Lows, Pathfinder Switchbacks, Smoked Lenses. Kury Ergo IIIs, Iso foot rests, Transformer Passenger floor boards, Reflector replacement Lights, Trailer Isolation harness, Iso Grips, Smart Mount Backrest, Luggage rack, Homemade Lightning Strike, TBR Exhaust, ADD ON Hitch, Healtech Brake flasher, J&M upgraded speakers. K&N Air filter, LED Accent lights, Custom flag bar, Tritium Led Fog lights, Air Wings...

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    People keep asking me is that yours? My reply is, "it belongs to me and Nancy, Financy that is,"

    Riding a Goldwing is like opening a can of testosterone.
    Go Green - Recycle Congress!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InvictusF6B View Post
    Amen... I more commonly get "Id get a bike but, (I'm such a bad ass or I'm so ballsy) Id kill myself. I don't know whether to applaud their decision or tell them they're an idiot lol.
    I have heard that one a couple of times myself.

    Ever hear the non-rider fantasize about getting an ape-hanger equipped "Chopper", and talk about how awesome that would be? Meanwhile, I am thinking "this guy would be lucky to make it to the end of his driveway if he were to ever get one".
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    Coffee break

    I like going through drive thru's for a cup of coffee ... It confuses the people inside.

    They inevitable ask "how can you drink coffee while riding a motorcycle ? "

    My answer is always" Simple, I put down my pipe and pick up the coffee cup"

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    Had a fellow come beside me at a red light and asked how I enjoyed my Victory. I just laughed and took off at the green light.
    2013 F6B in black of course

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    A while back I had my Victory Vision Tour setting in the driveway when the UPS guy came to drop off a package. He looked over the bike very carefully and was awed by all the "whistles and bells". I showed him the cruise, the adjustable shield, heated seats, grips, radio, etc.,etc. and then he saw the speaker grills on the fairing and asked what they were..I replied, that is the "air conditioning"...He looked for a minute and said "No Shit", I've never seen that before and walked away talking to himself!!!

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