New to the Board-Future F6B rider??
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Thread: New to the Board-Future F6B rider??

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    New to the Board-Future F6B rider??

    Hello all,

    Just joined and not currently an owner of a Wing or F6B. Currently have an '03 VTX1800 C that I am considering selling to get a used F6B,probably 2013-14.

    Looking forward to taking in all the good info you all have to share.

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    Welcome to the Forum, you won't be disappointed with the B

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    Welcome to the forum. The newer F6B's have some changes that you maybe interested in. The transmission gear has changed, OEM cruise control and different exhaust are the changes that immediately come to mind (besides colors).

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    Welcome, I’m a fairly new member also. You’ll find this forum to be extremely informative, inspiring and chuck full of just plain old good folk. All of that has to do with the kind of people the F6B attracts.
    Not sure what kind of price range you’d be looking at... I bought a new 2016 deluxe in spring of ‘17. Not much of a price difference between a standard and deluxe.
    My suggestion would be, if there is a particular accessory or option on a certain model or year bike that you think you might want.., spend a few extra bucks and get a bike with those options or accessories. I knew I definitely wanted cruise and a center stand, anything else was just a plus. To be honest, I didn’t really care about the self canceling turn signals, but this is probably one of the neatest options on my bike.. I use it constantly, it’s designed and functions perfectly, and makes my rides just more enjoyable. Pretty much everything the F6b is and all aspects of this bike makes my rides more enjoyable.
    Definitely test ride a “6” before you purchase, if you don’t mind the weight and size of this bike, you will not be disappointed in owning one. For me.., it’s the most fulfilling and smile per mile bike I’ve ever owned.

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