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When I was leaving Zion there was a wait at the long tunnel but there were only about six or seven vehicles ahead of me so I just stayed in line. My experience has always been that the waits are usually just a few minutes. When traveling west on highway 9 the long slow climb towards the tunnels usually means that when I stop the fans come on. I wait for them to cycle and then kill the motor and enjoy the view until its time to move on. Zion is such a marvelously beautiful place that it is hard not to have a good time even with crowds.

I urge everyone to visit Zion if they are ever in the area it is one of the most beautiful of our National Parks.
Az Wingrider
We were in Zion the week before the Cortez Rally. Did have to wait a bit right there, was up front at beginning of line.
Yes I did have the purple Spyder right then.