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    Extended Warranty

    I'm starting to run out of time on the original warranty. Only a few weeks left, it seems. Beginning to revisit the idea of the extended warranty.

    Awhile back there were several mentions of Russellville offering deep discounts on the extended warranties. Was this just for forum members? ....or everybody?

    Are they still doing it? And is there a specific contact within Russellville whom I should ask for?

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    When the new Goldwing's came out the price of the extended warranty when up.
    When I bought my B I paid $400 for 3 years (mine came with a 4 year warranty special deal to move out old stock)
    Two months ago I bought a Valkyrie the warranty was either $800 or $900 for four years I didn't buy it.

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    Extended warranty at Honda Of Russellville. The prices were mid September 2018:

    48 month Honda Care Plan..........$870.91 incl tax
    60 month Honda Care Plan..........$$1088.91 incl tax

    Never mentioned memberships.

    My original warranty expires in 2 weeks so I asked my local dealer to quote prices.
    Their prices were more than double what I got from Honda Of Russellville.
    Asked the dealer to come close to the lower price and they wouldn't budge.

    Needless to say, they lost out.
    Bought warranty mid September 2018 from Russellville.

    If you are interested contact:
    Melanie League
    Honda of Russellville
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    Unless one rides a "ton of miles" each year, the extended warranty is a very expensive "crap shoot" for the F6B...I personally would not waste the money on these things as most never use or need them with this bike....JMHO and ride safe

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    Agree with Opas, other than brake issue, Crank sensor issues, this bike is almost bullet proof. Honda really builds them right. Have/will be riding both of mine decades without any major service issues.

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    I bought my extended warranty in 2017 for $500. The chatter at that time was that Honda would be increasing the pricing of extended warranty’s. They did shortly after I purchased mine. With some of the known issues, transmission, crank / cam sensor. Left fork seals. $500 felt to me to be an exceptable wager. On July 16, 2016 I purchased a used 2014 with 7,000 miles on the clock. It now has 600 miles shy of 40,000 miles in a little over 2 years. I would tell you who I purchased it from, but I won’t. I don’t want my post pulled. Let’s just say it came from Ohio.
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    Not This Time

    I had the extended warranty on my 2 old Valkyries. I bought one plan online, and the other was transferred to me on a used bike. I never used the plan for either bike, and one had over 100,000 miles when the warranty expired. I also had the extended warranty for a Kawasaki Concours, and didn't use that one either.

    I have had a few covered repairs on a car and truck I've owned, but in both cases the total repair costs were less than the price of the warranty.

    Years ago I read that manufacturers pay out 17 cents for every dollar they charge for their extended warranties. My experiences validate that. I was thinking about covering my F6B but the price increase has convinced me not to.

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    Simon, sent you a pm

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    I would not buy the extended warranty again.
    I have it and the dealer won't even tear the bike down to do the repair without me signing that I will pay the entire bill if they determine it is not Hondas fault.
    I have the ghost shift 4 -5 times on most rides. They will have to remove the engine to check $5000.00 bill / I can't afford that!!!!

    I asked them if my saddlebag that was stuck would be covered by warranty and they said no because I most likely over packed it.
    I broke in and found that Honda had only one screw on each lock towards the back. No cover or screws on the front of the locks.
    missing the cover plastic and the 2 screws on the front of the lock on both locks / left side facing forward

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    I've got a pretty good rapport with my dealer and because I can get very persuasive very quickly - without getting offensive - by knowing which questions to ask - i.e. ones they do not want to answer - I've had no problem convincing my dealer to do right by me.
    I hope I never have to use my extended warranty - but I know I'll not hesitate if I need to.
    At 87,000+ on the clock, and after a warranty-covered new CKP sensor install, she's purring like herself.
    Best of luck,
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