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Thread: Mustang seat. after a year on it how good is it?

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    My my issue was not installing the seat nor the grab rails. That was easy and I used the OEM hardware. The issue was the mold was off and my seat was a later seat after Mustang corrected the misfit at the front. The Mustang spacers float whereas the stock spacers set in the OEM seat pan and did not move. If Mustang could make a duplicate mold of the OEM seat base that would accept the OEM spacer I would try another. I had a Mustang Tripper on my Harley and that fit great but not the Mustang seat for the Honda.

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    Just a side note on the grab rails..Did you replace the OEM bolts with the newer pointed after-market ones available from Value Accessories and/or WingStuff??..Install these and your problems with the seat rails go away as they are longer and 100% easier to install/remove the seat....Regards
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    I've had the Mustang Tripper seat for a bit over two years now. In the process, I've put about 10K miles on it. I love it!

    It does sit you lower (in my case not a good thing as my legs are pretty long to begin with) .....BUT the one or two inches lower that you sit makes a big difference in the center of mass of the bike and it handles HUGELY better than with the OEM seat. Suddenly you feel as though you are sitting IN the bike rather than on it. Hard to describe...but you'll understand the first time you ride the seat.

    As long as my legs are, it is a bit awkward for me. But the change in handling is so profound that I'll gladly put up with it. Even so.....I can go 100 miles at a stretch whereas I could barely make 35 miles on the OEM without having to get off of it with tears in my eyes. I've had nearly 20 bikes since 1968....including many with the old banana split seats of the 60's and 70s....and NONE were as painfully uncomfortable as the F6B OEM.

    I have never had grab rail problems. The usual problems in getting the seat bolts lined up to thread in...but any seat has that problem, even the OEM. Once you get some miles on it...that problem pretty much goes away. I've had mine off and on several times and it is much easier these days....they nearly align themselves now.

    My rails are rock solid once they on and bolted down. I can pull it on and off the centre stand (and I have, dozens of times) without any worry.

    I will agree with the troubles of pulling and reinstalling the side panel tupperware, however. It can be done without pulling the seat...but you really have to (carefully) work at it. I do wish this had been better dealt with in the design.

    Bottom line.....I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

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    I like my Mustang seat I've sat on it for 35,000 plus miles.
    It works well for me but on a all day ride I will use my Wild Ass (same as a Air Hawk) seat pad.

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    No regrets with mine. I like the "small" back rest, just enough for some support. I'm sure there are better choices for long distance touring, but for day tripping(200-300 miles), Im satisfied.
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    Love my Mustang seat have put 40K on my 6 and have rode from Daytona to Maryland with no problems. Yes just to be careful when removing the Tupperware you to be safe need to remove the two screws from the seat. Great seat in my opinion.

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    No complaints after 18,000 + miles on my Mustang Fastback Tripper (tuck & roll model). Looks like new, never had hot spots and have done a few 600+ mile days with it.

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    I like my tuck and roll version of the seat. It was a bastard to install took me all day lining it up but I got it and the rails are solid once I got it done. Reading this conversation I just ordered the tapered bolts as I am projecting that I should replace my 5 year old battery come spring. I had no problem with the stock seat after I broke it in on a 1000 + maiden voyage. I do miss the stocker as it had a tall backrest but the support of the Mustang is not a bad thing.
    The reason I bought it was purely cosmetic but I have no problem on 5-700 mile days.

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    I just put one on my bike.standard no tuck and roll.just did a trip with the wife from Milwaukee to dragons tail and surrounding states.2200 miles and it tore us up.couldn't wait to get off it.already called my seat lady and taking stock and Mustang seat to her and figure out wich one to redo.and yes Mustang was bought used and I had a couple thousand miles on it before trip.just to firm

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    I have had one for quite a while now and find I can ride 300 or so miles with no
    problem. Any further than that the Air Hawk comes out to save me.

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