Used wheels from dealer?
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Thread: Used wheels from dealer?

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    Used wheels from dealer?

    Before buying a spare rear wheel from E Bay I thought I should give my local dealer a chance. I called them to ask if they had any used wheels from trike conversions gathering dust and found out they did. I drove over to work out a deal with them and was told they are not allowed to sell used parts.

    At which point I asked if they could order an Avon for me and install it on a used wheel and leave the wheel off the invoice? After a wait while it was discussed I was told they could sell me a used wheel at the same price as a new one!!!

    I told them thanks anyway, I had found a bunch for way less on E Bay but just wanted to give them a chance first. Needless to say, I bought a wheel from E Bay. Although I intended to have them order and mount a new tire for me even if it cost a little more I'll probably have an independant local shop do it now.

    Anybody else ran into this? Do they just not want our business?
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    I bought a used wheel from my Honda dealer.
    Doesn't make sense that they can't sell it.

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    I think it was just that dealer. I have bought trike take off from a couple different dealers.

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    I Paid $200 With a NEW Tire Mounted

    I went to a great dealer that does lots of trike conversions. They had a stack of GL1800 wheels. One was brand new, with a new OEM Bridgestone. It was even black, as it came from one of the Anniversary Specials with a lots of black parts. I paid $200 for the wheel and tire.

    One nice thing about GL1800 Wing wheels is that many had TPMS, so they used a different valve stem rather than the rubber ones on our F6Bs. Those wheels don't have the tab that can get in the way with some metal stems.
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    Check Dennis Kirk for AVON price.... AVON makes a MC tire just for the GW.. You might want to call AVON USA 800# (google it) to get the AVON part number, to make sure your get the GW tire. I've always got great mileage, ride, handling & service from AVON. Been using them on all my bikes since 2005.

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    I like the Avon's on my Valk, going to try a set on my B next, thanks for information.

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