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Hi there ledcat...that sure looks like some POS. not well looked after. I recall you writing it was through a dealer. Shame really, that you're unable to talk to the previous owner for some history. There are a whole bunch of reasons the bike could be in that condition. Owner neglect or environment...whatever. Lit badges tell me that at least one of the owners was likely a member here at one time.

I live in the North West in a rain forest climate and my 5 year old B looks brand new..

All owner riders here would agree (holy sh_t, a milestone!) that you will be pleasantly surprised when you ride an F6B that's been cared for.

They are elegant and powerful - a true pleasure to ride. To quote a respected on again, off again member..."Best Bike Ever!"

Good luck to you.
Do you recognize that badge, just trying to figure out where that came from? Yes, it is a shame, No contact from previous owner, would have liked to get the OEM wheel, and here the history, maybe would have made me feel better about it.