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    Screw at Last

    While I was replacing my front turn signal lens a screw fell down in the bike. Was not sure if it went towards the front fairing or down in the side fairing. Bike was on center stand so I rocked it back and forth thinking I can get it to drop to the floor. No success so I began tapping the belly pan and front fairing trying to get it to drop. No success either. I pulled the right pocket out to get a better look and you guessed it dropped another screw. Got out a very bright flashlight to search the area above the right engine cover behind the radiator cover. And there were both screws. My magnet on an antenna was too large to reach in so I had small magnets the size of a pinky nail that I crazy glued on a long long zip tie to fish the screws out. So if you have dropped and lost screws, they may be above the valve covers in the engine valley.

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    I like the "flexible, narrow, far reaching magnetic retrieval system!"
    I have some of those little powerful magnets - Crazy gluing them to a zip tie is inspirational!
    Thank you!

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    I've lost them inside the plastic on my V-Strom and they're gone into the black hole forever, never to be seen again... Haven't had that problem with the B ….. yet.

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    Most of us were introduced to this problem on our 1500 Valkyries.
    But even they were easier most of the time.

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