Gorilla Alarms?
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Thread: Gorilla Alarms?

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    Gorilla Alarms?

    Thinking about the Gorilla 9100 MC Alarm. Anyone have one installed? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
    Former owner of a 99 Valkyrie for 15 years.

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    Not many F6B's stolen, not many 840# bikes stolen. I know nothing about alarms, you might need one
    I've got a V-Strom & leave the keys in it. It's so ugly nobody will steal it, BUT it sure id a fun ride.

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    Plenty of big bikes are stolen. Mostly H. D. If someone wants it, an alarm won't stop them. I saw a video of 4 good sized men, steal a full dressed HD. They put pipes thru the wheels, then picked the bike up, walked it on a flat bed trailer, hopped in a van, and were gone in less than 20 seconds. An alarm will give you a warning of trouble, but won't necessarily stop it.
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    I have a Gorilla 8017 alarm on my bike, with a pager. I realize that it will not necessarily stop a theft, but does give me piece of mind. That is, if the pager has not triggered, I have nothing to be concerned about and can be pretty sure that the bike will be there when I get back.

    I have added a TPMS, too. It does nothing to ensure that I will not get a flat. It does provide me with piece of mind that while riding along at 70+ mph, my tires are fully inflated. Same idea to me. It's more about piece of mind than prevention.

    Also, I added a cheap proximity sensor to my alarm. So if some dumba$$ tries to climb onto my bike, the alarm goes off. That is just for fun!
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