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    When I first sat on my 13B it felt like I was reaching out to give it a big hug.
    Felt like my old Harley bars. Had to think about it till I rode it.
    After the ride, I knew I could upgrade the bars. The rest is history.
    The MLB with a shorter reach did the trick.

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    Installed the risers on my f6b and what a difference, no more reaching for the bars and with the ultimate mid riser seat with backrest all day ride is a joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve 0080 View Post
    These are the ones I use unless you really need to move the bars more. There are two others also...

    Initially I thought "$30+ for a couple pieces of aluminum?!".
    Eventually I got some but held off on installation.
    Job moved 52 miles away, one day later I installed them.
    What a difference those 2 little pieces of aluminum make!
    I'd love to get the expensive option but these are good enough for me, thank you so much for linking and suggesting them.

    My previous bike was an ST1300 and it would make my right hand just numb and sore. The B was much better but something about the riding position wasn't working for me. Better than the ST1300 but still a little bother. 1-1/2" really makes a difference.

    If anyone is thinking about installing these here's something that's been mentioned and I'll reiterate: some adhesive or thin 2-sided layout tape will be required to keep the white spacers attached to the black cover.
    Sticking the shims in place wouldn't hurt either.
    The 14MM screws are a cross-thread waiting to happen, be sure to get them started a few turns with your fingers before putting a wrench to them.
    With the speaker grills removed might as well clean out the dead bug parts that collect in there.

    Thanks to ALL the contributors here, was looking at all the little comfort and ease of use mods I've learned about on this site, my B is pretty dialed in!

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