First I am in no way connected to this company. The deal is I have purchased 3 of their helmets since 2005 and they are by far the most comfortable helmets I have every worn. In 2005 I researched a lot for a compact (no mushroom head) DOT approved helmet. My search lead me to an HD forum where a few spoke highly of Super Seer. I went ahead and ordered one and wore it until 2014 when it saved me from severe head injuries. I immediately ordered a new one and wore it until a few days ago. While on a trip and in a hurry to load my bike in the rain I failed to buckle the helmet. Several miles down the road at about 70 mph it flew off my head and bounced down the road. I ended up being only about an hour from where they are made and decided to stop in. Today I purchased my third Super Seer helmet, a carbon fiber one that hardly feels like anything is on your head. I picked out the color and they ran it thru their assembly line while I watched. Check them out at Like I said I get nothing for posting this. I am a firm believer in their top quality.