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    Like some, all of the bikes I own are different and serve a different purpose.

    F6B by far is out of the garage the most. It is the go to for a day of riding.
    KTM 520 EXC dual sport. Probably second most as far as seat time. 95% off road but is street plated. I also have quite a few other dirt bikes.
    Yamaha FZ1 is the speed machine. Has a lot of horsepower mods and runs 10s in the quarter.
    Yamaha XS11. For slow cruise days or car/bike shows. Plated as historic so doesn’t see much street time per year.
    Yamaha DT50. Mostly to hop around the racetrack or campground. Also what I usually use to run to the part store for whatever reason?
    Suzuki GS550 hardtail bobber project. This is back under construction. Bar hopper and bike night bike.

    Then comes the collection of bikes in various states of disrepair. Lots of “work in progress” stuff. My wife also has multiple street machines but all of them are similar in style. Honda Rebel, Sportster, and Indian scout.

    The bike I regret selling the most was my Valkyrie. Over 100k on the clock. It just didn’t get used once I bought the F6B.
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    Yes I have 2 street bikes .k1600b and indian scout bobber .Totally different rides and both big fun.Traded the f6b cause the wife didn't want the boys fighting over it.l wish it were still here with the other 2.So my advice to you all keep em if you can .

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    Well, I rode the F6B to Amarillo and parked it in my warehouse where it awaits my visits and hopefully frequent trips to New Mexico/Colorado. The 2018 Goldwing will be my new main ride and the 1200 RT will be there if I need her, unless it sells. I'm ok keeping it as a backup/variety/guest bike, so I have no pressure or timeline for sale. It's such a nice bike, I think it could be one I regret selling if I do, but we shall see what happens.
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