The B was lonely.....
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Thread: The B was lonely.....

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    The B was lonely.....

    Every time Id walk into the garage my eyes always drift over to my bike. I love this ride !!
    Its a a very nice looking bike and when Im riding I really am glad I made the decision to get it in 17.
    It just always looked so lonely sitting there all by itself.... I traded two bikes when I got my F6B and it took the place of both of them perfectly, save for the extreme adrenaline rush of the VFR. Anyway, Ive really liked the CRF 250L Rally ever since Honda first showed them in 2016. Theyre really making some killer deals on left over 18 models. I found a dealer here in Ohio that I agreed with on a price and really wouldnt be able to get to that dollar amount with again on one. I mentioned it to the wife on Friday night and by Saturday night it was in the garage... I can take it places that the B just cant go, its a lot of fun and extreme contrast to what the F6B is in every aspect. Im not sure if Honda is capable of making a bad bike, I havent found one yet...
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    Congratulations, extreme contrast is a nice docile term for complete other end of the spectrum. Lol My other ride is a KTM 300 that can at times take me places I dont want to go and will likely kill me long before the F6. Thats a good looking ride. Enjoy!

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    Yeah that's nice bike and I get it .I been subtlety workin the wife for another bike , she don't see it the way I do.Enjoy !

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    That is a good looking bike! What are your plans for it? I also have a KTM 520 that I mostly off road but have been dreaming of a more street capable ride. Maintenance on the KTM just too expensive to put any real street miles on it.

    KTM = keep throwing money

    My son and I plan on riding the trans America trail when he graduates high school so a true dual sport is definitely in my future.
    When that open road starts to callin me,
    Theres something over the hill that I gotta see

    ~Hank Williams

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    Nice bike, It's always nice to have a light weight bike to get you where the big bike cant.

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