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Thread: GPS Unit Vs. Cell Phone Navigation

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    I got my first GPS this year, a Garmin 396, and I love it. Rugged, really excellent mount with a clever magnetic charging cable so it clicks in or out very easily into its dock and stays powered, and I haven't lost the GPS signal out in the boonies, yet. Garmin adventurous routing is awesome and has shown me some really beautiful roads I hadn't been on, before. It did, however, land me on private property once. It connects to phone via bluetooth and will display notifications and also real time traffic through Garmin's app, and I can verify this feature works like a charm. It recently saved me from a real doozy of a jam on the interstate. I've also exported some of my trips for later viewing. The ability to really easily change route preferences, add categories, like "Coffee" to the homescreen, and the fact that's it's made for gloved operation are all nice plusses. The one minus is that it's a little fussy with how it likes to be charged when off the bike, and I've read that this is a known issue. However, even with that, I really love it.

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    As requested, here's a picture of how and where I mounted my Beeline to the F6B dash.

    Beeline Mount on Bike.jpg
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    I took a trip from WV to the west coast using only secondary, and kind of middle of nowere roads through Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and many states like Montana where you would have signal using my iPhone with no problems at all. It took me a month and a half. That said, I believe the least amount of hardware you have to install or connect on your bike, the better, just my humble opinion. I thing is only worth it for hardware that is a must and give you no other options. With the GPS you have to use more hardware to mount it, connect it and on top of that keep it updated. I don't even use a cradle for my phone but instead a magnetic mounting installed with the existing screws on the handlebar, and it works exactly as expected and I can move my phone sideway for google maps. That gives me all the flexibility I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaSteve View Post
    As requested, here's a picture of how and where I mounted my Beeline to the F6B dash.

    Beeline Mount on Bike.jpg
    Thanks for the photo . . . super helpful.

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    I have both my iPhone and a Garmin mounted on the handlebars. Details:

    1) It's good to have both. I have Sena in my helmet and the iPhone is great for music as well as in-town directions. It gets a little wonky when it loses Internet, but the Garmin always has the maps.

    2) I wired in power to each device. Never run outta power on a trip. When I arrive at my destination my iPhone is fully charged. Damn nice!

    3) I researched the 'motorcycle-specific' Garmin units and found the most significant features that made them motorcycle specific are a brighter display, weather proofing, and bluetooth input. Oh and a significantly higher price. So I opted to gamble and purchased a nice model 2597 for $128 on Amazon, figuring the worst that could happen would be that it die in some rainstorm. Well I ride in the pacific northwest so its seen a lot of rainstorms and it still works fine. Saved $300 or so there.

    Anyway, my $0.02 worth.

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