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Thread: Red F6B at my Honda dealer

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    Ok here is my two cents. All the accessories are personal choice. There is nothing wrong with any of them. I have the rack and it works fine. I leveled mine out by switching shims front to back. I have floorboards and love them.I did research on shifting fork issues and opinions are mixed. There are GW out there with hundred thousand miles that have the heel toe and no problems. My though is you Canít slam the rear shifter because you have too much leverage. I shift with just enough pressure to change gears and have no problem. You also do not want to ride with your foot resting on the shifter. The wind shield may be perfect for you or you may want to try something else.I have bought four of them. The bike looks great and is barely broke in. It could be a great deal for you.

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    That is an excellent bike w/ fantastic price! Add center stand and heat grips - yrs of ez riding. If the bike is still there in January, probably get it for another 1K off.
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