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Thread: Handlebar Risers?

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    Handlebar Risers?

    Has anyone compared the two handlebar risers; the cheaper Big Bike Parts and the more expensive MLB version...Other than the MLB version comes in Standard or Wide?

    Does one raise the bars higher than the other?

    Big Bike Parts states their product will "raise the handlebars about 1-1/2" at the grip end." MLB states their product will "bring the bars up 3/4" and back toward you 1 1/2"."

    I've sent an email to Value Accessories to see if they have gotten any feedback from customers.
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    I have the MLB risers. Being short, but with broad shoulders, I was more interested in bringing the grips back and not so much up. I got the MLB model which maintains the stock grip width and have been pretty happy with them. I have removed them a couple of times just to satisfy myself that they were what I wanted and now they have been installed for a couple of years. I should add that I also have the Ultimate King Rider seat and the risers work well with that.(for me)

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    Sorry for the late response SeaSteve.......

    I did try the MBL wide risers as I was getting neck/shoulder pain after long rides.
    I subsequently found I was getting a little wrist discomfort in my throttle hand.
    Maybe should have bought the standard MBL risers.

    Anyway I've replaced them with the Showchrome ones now and have no issues.

    The only other issue I had with the MBL risers was that the throttle cables needed slight relocation.

    Hope that helps with your decision.
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