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    New Screen

    Having a new bike and being around F6bs help me decide my new screen. See on the F6b having a baggershield gave me good looks around town, and on long runs I could flip up the second piece stay dry. However, its a new game with the 2020 Goldwing. We have adjustable screen. So I decided to give F4 my first try, since they are in state a quick call for an appoint . The drive was 1.5 hours. I pulled up and was greeted by some wonderful people. Half hour later my new tinted 20 Was gleaming in the sun for the trip home.

    So how did I decide on the 20? I thought all along I was going to get the 16, but the whole way down I noticed my comfy zone had stock screen all the way up! Im not a tall person, 57, but I sit tall. My eyes are usually several inches over stock screen. So I opted for the 20 wide.

    The entire trip home was like smooth, no buffing winds, less wind on my shoulders. Then I realized I hadnt raised it from fully down after raising it a couple of inches it got nice a quiet. I actually lowered my headset speaker. So Ill give it a go, hopefully I never change it.

    Here a pic, cuz I know a post is worthless without a pic.

    Attachment 7615.
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    Looks good

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    I am 5'7" as well. I have a Madstad on my F6B and I like it so that my eyes are just overlooking the screen. Great to have no dirty air around your head 'n shoulders! Nice shield; looks great.

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