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    Mechanic who knows gold wings

    I'm in Northern California and am looking for a good mechanic for my Goldwing F6B. I added the Torq Loops and Rush 2.25 slip ons, and while the bike sounds and runs great, I don't like the back fireing on deceleration. I also have some other items that I would like addressed which requires removing and reinstalling body panels. I'm not mechanically inclined and want it done right. The local Honda dealers don't seem interested or capable of doing the work. Does anyone have a good mechanic in Northern California that they'd recommend ?

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    Sorry I can't recommend a good GW wrench in Northen Calif.
    First thing I would do is re-check that you have no exhaust leaks between the loops and header pipes and the connectors between the slip-ons and the loops.

    Next, do you blip the throttle when you down shift during deceleration. if so STOP IT and try down shifting by not blipping the throttle...see if there is any change.
    A lot of more open exhaust like the "Rush 2.25" in conjunction with loops will reveal this normal deceleration popping characteristic on EFI systems that stock mufflers hide.

    I run the "DR. Jekill and Mr. Hyde" adjustable muffler with loops and when in the open mode (straight through) I get deceleration popping, but with mufflers closed I don't hear any popping.

    DR. Jekill and Mr. Hyde muffler

    DR. Jekill and Mr. Hyde muffler open

    DR. Jekill and Mr. Hyde muffler closed
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    I would look in the GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Rider's Association) Gold book if you are a member, and make some calls.

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    Iím in concord with her same problem. Keep us posted if you find anyone. I plan on checking for leaks over the Christmas break.

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