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Thread: RDL seat and handle bars

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGLRY View Post
    +1 0n what taxfree4 and Max says, I did my Helibars install in about 4 hours and did not have to bleed the clutch or front brake lines(read install instructions on how to do this) best instructions ever on how to do. Lay your parts out and know what steps in order to do. The OEM cables will fit with a little adjustment of their positioning. The Helibars are the only way I could get my F6B to fit me and make day long rides comfertable, As to the RDL saddle I have been riding them for over 30 years and will never be without one on my steel steeds. I run an RDL on my VTX1800ctro, 2005 and 2004 Runes and my F6B. I plan to have one built for my KLR 650cc duel sport. The RDL saddle is like having your butt held in two hands with total support and comfert. If ya go with an RDL tell Jay Big Larry recomened them LOL.
    I have seen Larry's RDL's in person and, especially, the one on the F6B..that and the Great Wall of China are the only 2 things one can see from space with the naked eye, we're talking BIG. Max, more error than trial but we got er done
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    You will have no problems installing the HeliBars, they come with VERY good instructions and pics. Follow them and take your time.
    2013 F6B in black of course

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