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Thread: New Comp-S Slip-On Exhaust for F6B

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pap View Post
    We do my biggie birthday tonight. See ya.
    Happy B-Day!! [/QUOTE]

    Todd (firetech)

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    Quote Originally Posted by VP8 View Post
    Yes, this is the protector assembly. Attachment 14989

    Other people may have different opinions of them. The reason I say this is because, one owner posted a comment on my video yesterday and stated he loves the sound of these pipes at idle... however once you reach above 2K RPMs, there is a droning sound. And at freeway speeds, it nearly drives him crazy. You see... for me, it's a different experience... too me, my pipes sound like a race car... and people in front of me can hear me coming.

    EDIT Never mind I found it earlier in this thread.

    Do you happen to have a link to your video?

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    Easy and quick install on my bike with center stand. No need to remove any covers at all. Just loosen clamps and remove nut from the exhaust hanger of the OEM mufflers. Move muffler inward and slip backwards to remove. Then put the TBR exhaust clamp on OEM pipe so the tightening bolt is on inside to avoid conflict with heat shield. Slide the TBR slip-pipe adapter on the OEM pipe. Adjust slip-pipe angle so the exit is level / parallel to the ground then tighten the clamp. Apply antiseize to end of slip-pipe which goes into muffler. Slide muffler onto the slip-pipe while lining up the heat shield tabs while also watching the hanger tab so you can hook onto bolt. I laid down on my back on the floor with head toward front of bike.

    Do not follow TBR's instructions otherwise you will be adjusting the slip-pipe angle blindly and the slip-pipe rotates in the muffler until the antiseize dries.

    BTW, I am one happy camper. Sounds great and no issues. Great quality (stainless steel) and great workmanship (welds and brackets). Couldn't ask for anything more.

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    I like the look and sound of these.

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