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Thread: Am I wrong? Not a quick detach trunk

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    Yeah that's absurd. You'd think Honda could come up with a feasible way to take off and on relatively quickly / easily. I mean damn if Harley can do it.

    Hopefully they'll be an aftermarket kit that someone puts out to make it easy like Honda should have designed in the first place.

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    Gives me another excuse to wait and see what develops in the aftermarket or possibly with the next model year of Gold Wing.
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    Easy on... Easy off. Just insert key into topbox and push the bottom buttom to take off instead of the top button to unlock lid.
    GIVI case, but there some knockoffs cheap on ebay. I inserted LED lights in mine with a trailer plug attachment coming from under the seat for Brake and running lights only.T-1.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmytee View Post
    Gives me another excuse to wait and see what develops in the aftermarket or possibly with the next model year of Gold Wing.
    My thoughts exactly. There will be updates and changes, after all it is a brand new machine.

    In my experience, Japanese manufacturers are not keen on making their products adaptable, at least not easily. Ski Doo and Polaris snowmobiles use quick connect-and-detach mechanisms to get commonly removed/re-attached accessories on and off their machines quickly. Ski Doo (and I think Can-Am uses these, too) system is called Lin-Q. Anyway, I have owned a bunch of Yamaha sleds and nothing is easily removed or adjusted.

    Classic example: my Ski Doo sleds have seats that use a latch that snaps the seat into place, making it easily removed. My Yamaha sled seats? U-bolts with Nylok nuts.

    My theory on this is that build quality and durability trump everything in Japanese engineering culture. Therefore, they build their products to a permanent state; that way, they can ensure trouble-free, vibration free, life out of everything. By snapping and quick-attaching things back together and off again, that may end up varying the quality of the final product.

    I dunno, just my two cents.
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    Yup HDs detachable saddle bags. I’ve seen bags coming off going down the road. Straps holding on BMW bags in place. Along with every year GL with some one losing side covers and bag lids. If something is detachable on a motorcycle it has or willl fall off. Human nature being what it is and being in a hurry or being a fumble fingers will mean parts sliding down the road.

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